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                                                                and representation in court

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Ioana O. Enăchescu  - Law Office - provides complete legal consulting services, assistance and representation in front of Law Courts and in front of any other judicial authority and institutions, in a wide range of areas:




  • Commercial and Corporate Law
  • Insolvency
  • Debt Recovery and Forced Execution
  • Real Estate and Construction Law
  • Labour Law
  • Financial & Tax Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Civil Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Litigation / Arbitration





Commercial and Corporate Law:

•Setting-up corporate structures, NGO’s

•Drafting and amending the constitutive documents of such companies

•Registering the decisions of the shareholders at the Trade Registry and ensuring the legal framework for the General Assemblies

•Assistance in operating permits

•Legal opinions on the current business activity of the commercial companies, NGO’s

•Mergers, divisions and dissolutions

•Consultancy and assistance in negotiation and elaboration of all types of commercial contracts

•Assisting partners in their shareholders disputes

•Legal assistance in the assignment procedures






•Assisting/representing the creditors or debtors in the insolvency proceedings

•Representing the parties in the Assembly/Comittee of Creditors

•Drafting the necessary documents in order for the insolvency procedure to be started

•Advise in different aspects related to the acquisition of the debtor’s goods

•Analysis of commercial contracts with partners in the insolvency procedure





Debt Recovery and Forced Execution:

•Advice on debt recovery procedures and evaluating opportunities and cost recovery

•Legal assistance/representation of commercial companies in front of law courts both the way of common law and in special recovery procedures

•Assistance/representation in the legal enforcement phase

•Assistance/representation in front of the bailiffs’ offices





Real Estate and Construction Law:

•Assistance and representation in real estate transactions;

•Legal analysis of property documents and drafting real estate due-diligence reports

•Drafting all necessary documents related to real estate: pre-sale contracts, purchase contracts, mortgage contracts, etc.

•Advice in all matters related to transfer of ownership

•Assistance and representation in relation with Notary Offices and ONCPI

•Assistance in negotiating and drafting contractor contracts / subcontractor contracts, lease /sub-lease contracts

•Sale of projects and properties under construction





Labour Law:

•Drafting of individual employment contracts and collective agreements

•Drafting of management contracts

•Assistance and representation in individual and collective labour conflicts

•Assistance in matters relating to termination of work contracts

•Redundancies individual / collective

•Assistance / representation in labour disputes





Financial & Tax Law:

•Disproof the inspection reports and taxation decisions;

•Legal consultancy on taxes;

•Legal assistance and representation in front of tax and customs authorities and in front of Law Courts;





Administrative Law:

•Legal consultancy;

•Guidance regarding  the relationship between client and central and local public authorities;

•Carry out all formalities before these authorities;

•Guidance, drafting documents, negotiation and assistance of the clients in the  preliminary administrative procedures;

•Bringing the action before administrative court of the illegal administrative act which caused prejudices;

•Legal action of administrative authorities whose actions or omissions caused prejudices

•Drafting legal requests and memorials to the authorities.





Civil law

•Legal consultancy;

•Drafting of contracts or any other documents able to produce legal effects, application of summons, notifications;

•Negotiations with debtors for recovery of the debts

•Negotiations with creditors for the debts extinguishing

•Representation in front of the Law Courts





Criminal Law

•Legal consultancy;

•Assistance and representation during the investigation and prosecution;

•Assistance and legal representation in front of the Law Courts;

•Drafting and support the following legal requests: rescission of detention pending trial measure, temporary release, conditional release, the reprieve of punishment execution, rehabilitation;

•Elaboration of memorials addressed to police stations, prosecutors, Ministry of Justice, presidency or any other institutions;

•Recovery of prejudices suffered by infractions (material and moral prejudices)






•Assistance and representation of clients in front of the Law Courts, in civil law, commercial law, administrative law, criminal law, labor law, etc.

•Assistance / representation of parties in insolvency procedure;

•Assistance / representation in various aspects of labour law;

•Assistance / representation of parties in the arbitration procedure.





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